Januar 16, 2018 2 min read

Saucony have made a major styling introduction in to their range of running shoes and here at Run Freaks we like it. They have kept their mainstream and more traditional colours on all of their performance running shoes but have introduced alongside that a much more "street" everyday colour way involving an element they call denim and copper.

We see these being a huge hit as it will allow people to wear them as everyday shoes with jeans and trousers without them looking too conspicuous. 

To help those wanting to make a more informed choice we have taken a series of images to try and give you a better look beyond the marketing photos used to sell the shoes. The shoe in question here is the Men's Saucony Triumph IS0 4, it is a size 10.5 and it is the first Triumph in this colour to land in the UK as it only cam online the second week in January.

Early orders on our website suggest the colour is a popular one as across the Peregrine 8, Guide and Triumph shoes, male and female it is accounting for 70% of all sales.

Whilst this is an article purely intended as a commentary on style it is worth noting that they have slightly changed the fit of the Triumph ISO 4 too. We think this is a huge positive. They have slightly elongated the toe box to ensure that there is no pressure felt during longer runs which means the experience is more comfortable than in some other shoes. They have also now designed the shoe with a full Everun sole for added ride comfort, it also feels more stable to us when we run in it.

The sole has been remodelled and we would recommend that the Triumph ISO 4 is deal for Road and Treadmill use. It would be ok to run on a summer, grassy trail path but certainly nothing more undulating than that.

This show is perfect in our eyes for building up to distances and races like 10k, half marathon and marathon.


Run Freaks Price: £123.99
RRP: £140
Category: Neutral Shoe
Drop: 8mm
Weight: 306g for UK size 8


Front Toe box showing copper Saucony Swoosh

 Mid Shoe Triumph ISO 4 Detailing

Mid Shoe Triumph ISO 4 Detailing

Straight out of the box

Sole detailing 1

Sole detailing 2

Heel detail on Triumph ISO 4